Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The search is over...for now

So ever since I started this blog, I've been looking for the perfect layout
Of course, I will never be satisified with anything that I find and if I was,
I'd want to change it after I viewed it a few times

Well I'm married to a graphic designer, so who do you think designs all the inviations for
the countless parties we throw, the gift certificates (otherwise known as IOU's)
for birthday presents (heehee), and ummm...just about all other things of that sort?

Ahem, well that would be M E!!
You see we have learned after working on a few projects together that-
he has gone to school for this so he knows how to do it right,
doesn't take shortcuts to "just make it work" or believe in " that's good enough!!!"

I on the other hand will get frustrated enough and become satisfied with my creation
I can trick myself into believing I'm fabulous!

Well my dream blog layout was to make it look like a tv screen,
I mean after all this is "Days of Five Lives"
It's only appropriate

Well after I was told, yeah, sure, uh huh, I can help, I knew what that meant!

So off I went and read blog after blog about how I could create my own template
Problem is I couldn't find the photos I wanted to use or that I could manipulate
(for free anyway, because I'm cheap!)

And after finding this new blog template that you're viewing
I tried downloading it for about a week, but kept coming across this XML error
I tried unzipping, downloading, extracting
all to no avail

Hubby even got on my computer after I was trying to figure it out, and the computer started
freakin out on him...I was sure I had ruined my computer (I hope he doesn't read this post!)

Then tonight, in frustration, I said, how do you extract XML??
He began to babble some technical jargon that I couldn't understand and walked off

After about an hour, in frustration and sighs, the question came out again
He sorta looked, rolled his eyes with that look of are you really asking me again?
(you know those computer guys never want to have to explain it twice!)

So I said, oh nevermind...but I'm a stubborn girl, I was determined to figure this out

After more frustration, more pointing clicking, zipping, unzippin, right click
google search : how to extract XML data
more right click, aaahhhhaaahhhhh!!! i figured it out!!!!!


enjoy the new view!
it might not be around for long...

oh and no, those aren't my pictures hanging from the clothesline, but that's a whole other lesson!

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MOMSWEB said...

You go girrrrl...or you go hubby! I loooove the new look ALOT!

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