Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Insomniac Hour

Have you ever have one of those nights that you feel so tired
you've worked all day
made dinner (or picked up some El Pollo Loco)
washed dishes
put the kids to bed
picked up arond the house some more
you just can't possibly keep your eyes open a minute longer
can't possibly fold that last load of laundry that's calling your name cause you'll be looking for those socks in the morning
you stumble to bed
and as soon as your head hits the pillow
You're W I D E awake!!
Last night was one of those nights
I hate those nights!
Alot of the times it's usually me waking up in the middle of the night
because I've forgotten to put the "sleep" timer on the tv
I wake up to the rumbling laugh of the audience on the David Letterman Show
or even worse Late night with Craig Ferguson, I find him so funny that I begin to laugh along
I know what you're thinking, the same thing my hubby thinks
Turn off the tv before you fall asleep
Well I simply can't!
The tv is the only way that I can get my brain turned off long enough to fall asleep
I'm usually asleep before the opening credits roll on movies
before House's case is presented to him
or right before they're about to break the case on Dateline...ugghh!!
Once I'm up
I'm up
and I get stuck in marathons of Intervention
For some odd reason
my brain will not turn off when I'm watching the most depressing things
I will wake up at 1am and watch reruns of Intervention til 4am,
knowing darn well that I need to be at 6am for work
My brain will not shut off!
I will lie awake getting pulled into their story
feeling the pain of the family
and crying tears as the intervention begins
Last night I was pulled into All the Pretty Horses
An older movie
a slow movie
a cowboy movie
a story of friends
a story of love
a story of the pain
I think I may have laughed once
depressing, I tell ya'
but there I was sucked in again
It was actually a pretty good movie
such a love story
I can be such a hopeless romantic sometimes...
but I was sucked in and watched it from beginning to end
without dozing off once!
Part of my problem was my stomach has been bothering me the past few nights
The boy and hubby were passed out in our bed
So around midnight, I moved the boy into his room
Was irritated hubby was fast asleep
while I was clearly wide awake!
So I proceeded to turn the fan on and off, on and off, trying to figure it out
Pretty loudly opened the front door
(not on purpose of course!)
unlock, unlock, opened the paint stuck by the heat of the night door
(which is right by our room)
Not a rumble or even a look from the room
unlock, unlock open the screen door
Nothing again
Run out to my car
get some medicine
Close the door
lock, lock
Doesn't he know I'm wide awake??!!
Then I have to realize he's been working a crazy full schedule
helping my brother with home renovations all weekend
he deserves to be tired
but hey, I'm a woman,
I'm moody
I'm tired
I'm probably hungry
so I'm irritated!
Then I do the just before bed routine of brushing teeth, washing my face
I think that now I may be tired enough to hit the sack
turn on the tv
and you guessed it... I was sucked in again!


Joie said...

GIRL I feel ya!!! It's one of those nights that you say "Okay I'm gonna go to bed early tonight to catch up the NO SLEEP night I had last night." haha But YUP, once AGAIN it's the same FIGHT to sleep like the night before. I think ALL mothers go through that Insomniac stage. Before the renovations I was a SLEEPAHOLIC..napping all the time, but now that I'mout & about getting home late & STILL having to do the mommy-wifey duties I don't sleep no earlier than 11:30 & wake up at 5:00. I think once you're body is in that routine there is no turning back! haha We should have a rest & relax cocktail party!!!??? YAAAAA!!!

Mrs. Happily-ever-after said...

I'm the same way! Last night I went to bed and was almost asleep before hubby decided to start a conversations. 5 mins. later he was snoring, and I couldn't shut my eyes! I usually get sucked in to infomercials somehow.

kimberly said...

i sleep really good all the time.

Anonymous said...

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