Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Waaassss Saappeennning Wednesday...

So much has been going on lately and haven't blogged with the bloggers lately.
I've been reading and finding new ones to follow which got me pumped to blog more
blog...why couldn't they give it a better name? huh??
It's almost Eater which is pretty amazing, cause that means we're done with a third of the year!
Sunday will be baskets, CANDY, brunch...yummy!!
Painting eggs, hiding eggs, finding eggs, CANDY!!
and of course all the kiddies in the family running around cause we're actually half rabbit and have a ton of youngins...I love all ya'll little babies...oh and some of you big ones too... muah!
Speaking of big ones, I can't believe my daughter is 15, I was watching her this weekend just doing her thing as I thought to myself - when did this happen? How do I have a 15 year old?
My little chubby girl has grown into this beautiful young lady who drives me crazy at times but has got my attitude and outlook on curious about absolutely everything and is turning out to be a pretty good teenager. So I'm thankful and feel blessed to have her.
Lorysa is growing into her own and she's a complete opposite of her sister which is so funny. She is of course a mini Auntie Kim. With all knowing wittiness about her and an attitude to match. She challenges everything and acts like a tough pre-teen but she's got a big heart and smile in there that you get to see every once in a while! I love you just as much my middle child!! heehee
Boy oh boy...that boy! A new day, a new trick on the bike. He's riding with no more training wheels and is quite the little trickster. Last weekend he started standing on the middle bar as he's riding or he does the sidesaddle and holds up 1 hand all at the ripe ol' age of 3! I've learned not to flinch or squirm as he does these things, he's actually quite cautios when he's trying to figure out a new trick.
He's all boy, but he is still a little mama's boy when he "needs" something! of course!
Hubby and I had date night on Fri without offspring, which was not quite as good as I hoped for. I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled on Fri and was pretty drugged up, so if you have oral surgery in the morning you should probably postpone date night.


Amanda said...

ha! great glob. yes. glob. I renamed blog for you. I especially loved the part about rabbits!

kimberly said...

well i especially loved the part about rysa =)

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