Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter weekend round up

What a non stop action packed weekend we had, I never had a minute to logon to the computer!
Friday was little Sister's bday...Happy 16th Sammi!
We were at Mel's for tacos and cake.
Our long lost bro from Texas flew in and everyone says he's got that Texas Twang now.

Sat. morning we were up early looking for a free pancake breakfast and 10,000 eggs to find! The kids had such a blast they got their faces painted, played games, and of course we cheated and waited on the wrong side of the line so our little ones wouldn't get trampled...tsk, tsk...
Here's a shot of the boy petrified of the bunny...dad couldn't get away!

Roooaaarrrrr!!!!!!!!!Scared ya' didn't he?!

Sunday was brunch at our house, we had so much food...
The hubby was going to be the omlette guy, but after making a few he decided that I was much better at multi-tasking! Mom and Nixon were the first there so you can see him enjoying his plate!
Kim and I didn't talk about our outfits before hand...so of course we had on the SAME EXACT dress!!! Yes, I changed, but there's a shot of us in there...the twins!
We had egg dying which was so not what we were used to from back in the day!
More grown kids to hide eggs then little ones to find them!
We had so much fun and it was good to have everyone there...

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kimberly said...

twins... AAAHHH!!!

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