Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tech Saavy Thursday

Well, well, well little ol' me is becoming quite the tech saavy girl today.
I joined a new blogspot Grace In The Small Things, check out my little badge below,
thanks to my blog surfing yesterday (thanks jeannie) It's quite a neat little world
to see how each person appreciate the little things in their life, if only we all did!

So then I found which helps you find subjects to blog or glob about! still trying
to figure that out.

And lastly I've downloaded all my videos from my flip. You can make movies, cards, share on the web. So watch out ya'll those are comin soon. I just need to figure out how to download them. I said I was becoming saavy...not that I already am!

And not so techy, I get to go home and cook a good ol' fashion meal (thanks to the internet and all the recipes online) and unclog the bathtub drain the old fashioned way, I don't think they've come up with any new tech saavy way for that yet!

1 comment:

kimberly said...

hmmm... i wanna know how you have the slideshow up there in the top right. so techy.

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