Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Confessions of a shopaholic…Quit leading me on

With Halloween impending
I begin my search for this year’s Halloween costume.
I love homemade costumes
And although I don’t quite get around to making a costume every year
This is one that I definitely want to try
The problem is she keeps leading me on
I came across the idea of a “Dia de Los Muertos” costume
I think it’s just gorgeous.
The way their faces are painted
The flowers in the hair
The beautiful costumes
Gorgeous and a bit scary all at the same time
There are varying looks
But I’m in love with the glamorous looks

Of course thinking of doing make up likes this leads me to video tutorials
I mean after all, how else would I know how to put this make up on?

This leads me to more image searching for Dia De Los Muertos
I stumbled upon these beautiful paintings by Syliva Ji
I want one of each, but where would I hang them. Do you think it would be creepy to have one hanging over your bed?
Maybe I could talk The Girls into decorating their room like this Could you imagine the things that could lead me to?!
They'd probably wake up with nightmares!

Now these picture lead me to desire for a pin up tattoo
I’ve been longing for one for years now…
Too bad I can’t make up my mind on exactly what I want
Plus I probably wouldn’t allow myself to shell out that kind of dough!
One of these days…

That sadness of course makes me want to uplift my spirit
And what better way to lift your spirit than to have a party?!
You see, she keeps leading me on…

A party would be absolutely beautiful
Just to think of all the colors I would use.
I could hang these colorful flags everywhere Top my cupcakes with these cute little things
We could drink margaritas
and dance into the wee hours of the morning

(maybe I'd leave one of those notices on my neighbors door that we keep getting,
courtesy notice for after hours noise permit! really, did you make that up?!)

I could buy some jewelry for my party
what if I wore this gorgeous necklace?
After all, it's only $20!
One thing always leads to another…


sunshine said...

I totally agree, those are very beautiful ideas for a Halloween costume, love the glamour about them and I think are very unique as well!
Let me know if you decide to go with one, and make sure to take pictures to share!

Hollie said...

that would be the best costume ever! I love the makeup.

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