Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I hate it when Monday…

I hate it when you have so many things you want to write about but just don’t know where to begin.

I hate when you begin to write about these things but can’t finish and now you have a bunch of blog beginnings, but no endings.

I hate it when you’re in a hurry to get to work because you woke up late, forgot to make sandwiches for lunches, rushed out the door, only to remember The Boy didn’t have a jacket until you were halfway around the block. You turn around to get it, and now you’re really late and are stopped by every red light within a 22 mile radius.

I hate it when you stress out the whole drive to work because you’re 10 minutes behind schedule and as you pull up to the only road that gets you to and from your office, you’re stopped by a train for an additional 15 minutes. All that stress for nothing…sheesh… I had time to stop for some coffee!

I hate it when you buy a present for a certain occasion early and hide it away until said occasion, but by the time you go to look for it, you completely forgot where you’ve placed it. You tear the house, garage, drawers, car apart in search, but to no avail. So you break down and decide to buy another gift only to find the first gift the very next day!

I hate it when you’re driving and are in desperate need for a red light so you can jot down a note in a book, pick up the phone you’ve dropped and now it’s slid out of your reach, apply some make-up, but get nothing but green lights.
I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy of lights. Red when I want green. Green when I want red.

I hate it when you have a couple bad weeks with the Teenagers and feel like you wanna pull out your hair, quit, and run away because it never feels like things will look up, you rush home only to feel like 1,000 pounds of defeat, pain, and worry is weighing on your shoulders but you have to put on a happy I love being a mom face on.
But I do LOVE it when we all sit around the table, sit down to enjoy our dinner, and everything returns right in the world. The Teenagers are teaching The Boy girly hand jive games, then they run around, chasing and teasing each other all night…ahhh…what a feeling.

I hate it when I forget to post on the right day!


Cheeseboy said...

I ALWAYS find those gifts like a year later and then I just keep it.

I think I will enjoy my time now, before my kids teenage it up. It sounds awful and wonderful all at the same time.

MOMSWEB said...

I love it when you share the reality of your life. I love this blog. I love to read about your family. I love it when I can relate to another mother. I love YOU! Oh yea, I hate it when those Mondays come also, but I also love it at the end of the day when you realize it was God's perfect plan and everything is already alright.

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