Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On Top of a Mountain All Covered With Snow

me: alright, i got this. I don't need know stinkin instructor!
me: oh sh*t! I'm really doing this, ok drop it down low, butt out
me: focus, arms out, balance
instructor to hubby: way to go bro
instructor: yesterday i was getting some sick air like this
hubby: no way man
me: whoooooaaaaaaa, watch out!!!
instructor: oh no, was that your wife?
instructor and hubby: she's going down for sure!
hubby: you got this right? (walking away)
me: slips, tumbles, .. aaahhhhhhh, (flips) I'm ok!!

1 comment:

Makk said...

I dont know whats keeping you away..

I miss your posts...and you in them.

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