Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the Dog House

 Meet Little Boy Blue or Dougie Fresh (its still up for debate)
He came home so that Sir Arthur would have a much needed pal
Arthur, who was once a little guy, is now a huge beast

Hubby decided they needed a dog house for the backyard.
If you know hubby, you know that he does nothing small, he does nothing simple.
He will always find the most elaborate, best thing out there and will figure out a way to build it…
So off he goes and buys some wood, a saw, and some insulation, yes folks, insulation!
And begins to build…
with precise measurements of course
 6 1/2' by 5 1/2', it's a big one!
  They each have their own room
and a hallway to share 
Hinged roof
 because sometimes we gotta pull them outta there
The Boy is laying down some carpet for comfort
The puppy was comfy and asleep within minutes
2 days of hard work and
The structure is complete...
What a beautiful piece of bare canvas
can't wait to get my hands on it
Hubby is not as excited about my ideas
I'm thinking of a mexican riveria theme since they'll be basking in the sun by the pool

Will post the finished project soon!


Christine Macdonald said...

How adorable! I love the new dog house, too. Very cool and thoughtful.


Mary Ruth Gilliam said...

The new dog is super cute (I like both names!) and that dog house is something special -- you've got one talented man on your hands there!

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