Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moments of Serenity

I despise homework

My fourth grade teacher helped to solidify my disdain
I already had a dislike for it
Mr. O’Mally didn’t believe in it. Period.
He told us so
In fourth grade
My little brain attached to that concept
He was smart, he was a teacher
He dressed up as a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day for goodness sake
He taught us how to construct wooden napkin holders with real saws and workhorses
He taught us how to build rockets that actually flew through the air
From that year on, I didn’t believe in homework either

As life would have it, I would end up with 3 kids of my own
3 kids that would obviously go to school
3 kids that would have homework
The thought of their homework makes me irritable
I try, they try
I get frustrated, they get frustrated
I explain, they roll their eyes
I instruct, they complain

I curse you Mr. O'Mally *shakes fist in the air*

Thankfully the teenagers are in high school
and I’m pretty clueless so they hardly ask for help
The Boy has started doing his homework at daycare


Until yesterday,
Teen 2 was at the dining room table working on her homework when I stepped foot in the door
The Boy had completed some pages at school,
but I told him to sit down and study his spelling words and math
Teen 1 must’ve felt the homework bug in the air and came out of her cave bedroom
to inform me that she needed help with her school assignment, a resume
So here they are, all 3 of them
At the table, looking at me for guidance to do their homework

I tried to remain calm

The Boy complained that I didn’t pronounce the word “hand” correctly as I quizzed him.
Mom, You said had, you tricked me
Seriously, kid? H A N D …geez!!

Teen 1 tried to reel me in,
Mom, I want to be a photographer because they I won't have a boss
You’re gonna be 18 in how many days? I’m thinking
The thought of her being an adults absolutely terrifies me.
I inform her, that she will indeed have a boss
and her customers will most certainly be in that category
Teen 2 and The Boy push each other’s papers at each other
Sighing and glaring at each other with irritation.

The Hubs knowing to stay clear of the warzone and offers to cut up ingredients for dinner

But for just a minute, one solitary moment
There it was
As they all followed directions
As they all sat there doing their homework
Teen 1 asking and accepting my answers
The Boy re-writing words that he needed to study
And Teen 2, just knowing what to do

I exhaled, serenity, I thought to myself


Even if just for a moment…


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