Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic...Now You Done Gone and Pissed Her Off

I’m normally a happy, easy going person.
I laugh all the time
I smile at everyone
I’ll start a conversation almost anywhere
I usually end up talking to creepers the most random people
and end up in the most akward of conversations
(maybe I’ll should write about those)

But lately
I’ve noticed a change

Maybe it’s frustration
Maybe it’s anger
Maybe it’s the stores ripping me off
and the second you question the cashier,
they look at you like you just grew a 2nd head.


I do NOT understand why when I ask the cashier to double check a price
I get the sigh
I get the eye roll
I get the complete attitude

Hey, I’ve been in their position before…
I’ve worked in the Customer Service field in some way or another most of my working life
I understand people have bad days, but c’mon people.
What’s with the all of the attitude?

This past Sunday I was uber-excited
because the Halloween costumes were on sale for $12 at Target.
I sent Teen 2 with The Boy to search the aisles
as I picked up other items on our shopping list.
As I approach the Halloween aisle,

Teen 2 holds up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume that The Boy chose.
I check the price on the rack and the tag shows a $12 sale price over the regular price
We throw everything in the cart and stroll up to the register
I place the costume up on the register belt first
Then I begin to unload the rest of my items
The cashier scans the barcode, and sure enough $20 appears on the screen.
She scans another item.
How much was the costume, I ask?
She squints into her computer screen, $20.
The display shows that it’s on sale for $12, I explain
No, it’s $20, she says.
Sigh* here we go… This aint my first price war lady!
Can you please check because they’re on sale for $12, I ask.

The cashier in lane 7 chimes in-
$12 for the costume, she chuckles as she picks up the weekly ad
Look B*tch, I want to say, but I compose myself.
My cashier flips the switch on her #8 light pole for some help.
over walks her supervisor
She says it’s on sale for $12, the cashier explains to her supervisor
The supervisor swipes the barcode
She turns the computer screen to face me.
It’s $20, see, it says here in the computer.
She points- this right here- says that if you didn’t have a receipt and returned it, you’d get $20
That means it’s never been on sale.

At this point, my blood is boiling and the line behind me is building up.
Ok, I say, with a twitch, I could feel a little crazy comin' on
Now they done gone and pissed me off…

Unfortunately I wasn’t wearing the most comfortable shoes
so I didn’t have the strength to walk to the all the way to back of the store again
and it was apparent her lazy supervisor wasn’t going to entertain the customer standing before her.

I go home with determination to confirm the price is only $12
That’s $8 they’ve just taken from me, I’m thinking.
How many people are there today buying costumes and not double checking their receipt?
How much extra profit are they making without the consumer realizing it.

I look over the ad, yep $12.
I go online, sure enough $12.
I take off my cowboy boots, throw on some slippers, gather my Target bag, and receipt
And put on my boxing gloves
(Well not really, but wouldn’t that have been funny?!)

Ahem, I digress

I stomp into Target
Walk all the way to the back of the store
find the exact Teenage Mutant Ninja Costume
It’s right there, The Boy says as he points to the ground.
it fell off when I took the costume off Mom.
He certainly is my kid, he knew exactly what I was looking for
I pick it up.
The Sale Sticker showing $12 clearly states
“Rafael, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle”
The Boy and I march back up to the register.

I take my costume and receipt out of the bag.
I was overcharged, I tell the cashier, I want to get my money back.
I show him the sale tag.
He re-works the transaction and gives my $8 back.

I ask him if the lady with the glasses on is the manger
She’s the supervisor, he replies.
Tell her to believe the customer next time, I instruct him.
I will, he quivers.
I’ll show her this he says as he holds up the sales tag.

I take my Boy, his costume, and my $8 and vow to never shop at Target again.

I know that won’t really happen, but damn they pissed me off!!



sunshine said...

That sucks! Hate it when people try to take advantage of you and they question you as if you are trying to "get away with something". I am very proud of you for going back and for making your point, I mean $8 is more than half a costume right there, good for you!!!

Mary Ruth said...

Good for you! I hate when cashiers and store managers get pissy; it's not like any of that money comes out of their pockets!

I always try to take copies of store policies with me when I go to any big store like that - just in case!

You get 'em, girl!

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