Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wheh...what a weekend!

Working full time, having a family of 5, and running your own business sure makes for a busy busy weekend!!
Friday night rush home from work, figure out what the girls are doing for the night, and Johnny's home to watch Ethan -7:30pm Partytime!!Oh yeah, and this party was one of the highlights of my makin' $$ party, 3 bookings, and signed 3 consultants! By the time I get home, everyone is knocked out!
Sat- gotta get up early, today is Shaedon's 1st bday party! Which means family, friends, and food! Potato salad has been requested and we're bringing Gazpacho salad, my new favorite 1 point side dish! We also picked up the cake which was just an idea out of two crazy party planning sisters heads...the grocery store bakery actually pulled thru...check out the giant cupcake birthday cake!
Happy Birthday Shaedon boy!

The biker boyz rode over and are chillin' in the front yard of dad's house! Don't look too closely cause Jeff's givin away the secret club hand jive!

Sunday was a day of relaxation and loungin for mama...after the WW meeting, of course.
I was .2 lbs away from my goal for the week, but it's ok. We've been eating better and I'm really working on excercising every, yes, EVERY single day. Johnny and the biker boyz went for the Sunday cruise, Loryna is of course running around town, Lorysa is hangin out with friends. So that gave me time to put orders in, sign another consultant #4 in 3 days(whoohoo), send emails, and get dinner ready.

Tonight we had Pork Pot Roast w/ potatoes, peppers, and onions. Oh yeah, I threw some brussel sprouts in (I of course was the only one that ate them!)
I think they were all pleasently surprised with the meal. Even though Ethan boy refused to eat...maybe it had something to do with the Jumbo Jack and fries his sister was eating right next to him! Lorysa says the potatoes are BOMB!!

Our last event of the weekend is the monthly buzz for the boy. Johnny got some new clippers so he wanted to try them out, one of the joys of being a parent... built in guinea pigs!

They worked out great, check him out, he ended up being a chick magnet!!

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