Friday, February 11, 2011

He loves me, He loves me not...

I reach into The Boys cubby to grab his backpack,
lunch bag, school papers that are falling about,
and a red and white beaded circle tied with a cute Valentine’s bow.

Interesting, I think to myself… a circle?! Tied by yet another circle.
Ok, it’s after school day care, they must’ve run out of ideas.

But as a mother, you show pride in your kids’ work,
even when you’re not exactly sure what it is.
I try to hang it from my rearview mirror as The Boy is in the backseat
getting situated and looking around my car for his special treat.

It’s a heart mom, he says.

Oh. Now it makes sense I think to myself.

The next day, the circle is still sitting in my car.
I bend it back into it’s heart shape and hang it from my rearview mirror.

I pick up The Boy from school with my heart proudly hanging.
He notices.

Mommy, you fixed it?! He asks in excitement.

Yep, son., I reply. (He thinks I’m a genius, I just know it)

Why did you hang it from your car? He continues.

Because you’re in love with me, I say.

I’m just a kid, I hear him grumble.

I know (I’m insistent to get this Boy to say he loves me)

But I want everyone to know that you love your mom.
You made it for me because you love me, I insist.

It was just my craft, he replies in irritation.

Because you love me right?!

It was just my craft.

I guess I’ll just take the heart.


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