Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmmm….

Compliment or not-

“Wow, your hair is/ nails are so long.”
This is not a compliment people. It’s a statement. A fact.
How do you respond? Yes, they are long, thanks for noticing.

“Oh, you cut your hair.”
Yes, another statement.
Unless it is followed by a “it looks great”, that is not a compliment.

“Did you lose weight? I almost didn’t recongnize you!”
Really? Did you mean that as a compliment because it makes me feel like I must’ve looked pretty bad before. I know I was chubby, but seriously unrecognizable?

Murphy’s law-

1. Why is that when you are desperate for a red light because 1. you’re trying to finish putting on your makeup or 2. something’s fallen to the floor and rolled as far to the passenger side as possible you get nothing but green lights.

Then when you’re in a hurry you only catch red lights.

2. You’re ready to go shopping, have some money to spend and know exactly what you want, but get to the store and find absolutely nothing that you like or anything that fits.

You go back to the store when you’re flat broke and there everything is- bright and shiny, calling your name with sale tags to top it off!

3. Your teenager begs and begs you to take her to the nail shop. You finally take her but she doesn’t like any of the colors so she says she will just do them at home herself.

Oh well, just means Mama can get a mani and a pedi!

You’re in line buying alcohol for an upcoming party, only alcohol in your shopping cart.
Everyone else in line only has milk in their carts.
Did I look like a Lush?

When your Boy meets a complete stranger he tells stories in complete detail of when he got in trouble and punished.
Hmmmm...Thanks Son.


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kimberly said...

i hope that cart full of alcohol is for MY party!!

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